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A lemon jam story

Summer nights, outdoor dining with friends!

Why not pampering your guests with some fresh “food design” along with some delicious dishes?

In the Mediterranean area, where I live, citrus fruits are renowned and a lot of big and juicy lemons grow wild in my garden. So, let’s get inspired by nature, then!

My guests are about to arrive and I rest a bit. 

It’s not hard to imagine their faces after dinner: sated and, hopefully, satisfied, ready to leave with a long and ever-present “Soo….it’s time to go…”.

And that’s when I’ll stun ’em all with….

Wait and rewind…

(2 days before, in a kitchen far, far away…)


 I’d like my friends to take home a little lemon jam jar as a gift from me. Inside a lemon, but I don’t mean just any lemon: I want that lemon, the most beautiful one, on the top of my tree. 

Too Inception-y? Nah, not really. Just follow the recipe and you won’t get lost.

Genuine lemon jam for summer lovers “ 

Prep: 2 days;

Diff: Easy;

Serve to: any guest you want to impress!

Ingredients: fresh lemons, creativity, digital manufacturing and an art crafting equipment.

  • First, make sure to pick the most photogenic lemon from your tree: a deep 3D scanning rendez-vous is waiting for it (and while the handsome “Lemo” is going to be forever captured in the digital world, start chopping a bunch of its expendable fellas…);
  • Trace long and smooth strokes on your graphic tablet with right hand. Use the left one to cover  the lemon slices in water;
  • Cover your lemon slices and let them rest for 24 hours. In the meantime, 3D-print your “Lemo on a leaf” digital container; 
  • Clean Lemo thoroughly and drain what remains of its friends;
  • Put the poor wet slices in a saucepan over medium heat and add some sugar. Now Lemo needs some make-up!
  • Stir your jam ‘till it’s jellylike and so will be Lemo, after its favourite shining treatment!

(back to present day)


“Hey guys, not so fast! Please, enjoy some of my lemon jam for breakfast tomorrow.

And don’t forget to tell me if it’s too sour…” 

Best served chilled on bread. A nice, white, fruity wine to pair it with is strongly recommended.

Bon appétit

well, I'm Italian, so "Buon appetito!"

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