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FG Concepts

Tales from everyday Design

" I tell my own design stories here.

Authentic, imperfect, experienced.

Like it or not, this is what I do. "



​Ideas deserve to fly high



Without falling, being them trivial or too complex.

That’s how they become great.


Way of Life

FG Concepts is a way of life


where all the power of flying and creativity is expressed by design.

The world is our muse

and our senses are the tools we possess to catch its everyday wonder.


Only tools

Analogue or Digital? Here, this doesn’t matter



They’re just tools constantly mixing up

in the search for knowledge.


Balance is our main goal:


the never predictable one, 

that stands between expression and experience.



Mind, Shapes, Hands

Mind conceives shapes, hands bring them to life

Manipulate to discover.

Manipulate to understand.

Virtuality is welcome here, but only if it increases the value of reality.



Concepts to Objects

Concepts exist to become objects.

Their materialization, though, isn’t the final destination, but rather a journey made of choices, dreams and compromises, as well as a transition from hope to mindfulness, where you often question your very own beliefs.

It’s a trip that leads you to an unknown path: you just have to carry on.


Once upon a time

Traces, everywhere 


Lots of scattered fragments from a quest for shapes and nuances, as after the explosion of an experience.

Telling this experience by resuming its fragments is what FG Concepts aims to do.

Even if humans are aided by basic tools or advanced algorithms, humanity gives its best through storytelling.

That’s what defines us.

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Tale time, now.

Get comfortable.

"You're never really done for, as long as you've got a good story and someone to tell it to"

Alessandro Baricco