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Who’s laughing now?

You may be tempted to underestimate what your kids and a faucet can do together.

Well, don’t do that.

They’re just an evil duo for unaware parents.

Now, free your mind and focus on this: 

never ever enter your bathroom without turning on the light after your kids left…

…or do it at your own risk!



Last night, I’ve inevitably become one of the strictest followers of this philosophy.

That’s weird, tho: the night before, I was saying to my wife: “Honey, I can handle it, piece of cake”…

Believe it or not, I went from Indiana Jones to Osho in less than 24 hours.

Impossible? No. 

Your kids handling bidet faucets properly is something quite impossible…

My bathroom was flooded when I came in!

For a few minutes, I felt like Jesus walking on water: slipping, trying do to my best to survive, all the power of nature striking down upon me, the end was on its way…

Then, this righteous man found his own salvation by clumsily grabbing on to the sink.



My growl echoed through the whole house (and so did my daughter’s cry after I scolded her…just what I needed!).

Wise is the man who learns his lesson and enlightens his cute and innocent princess accordingly.

Smart is the one who knows very well she’s not that innocent and that she will do the same again, sooner or later.


Who is laughing now? 🙂

Although I’m quite aware it won’t last, darling pretty (and I’ll wistfully recall such moments in the future…).

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