Oh! You Pretty Leaves

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Sometimes designers’ struggle for shapes should just calm down.
Nature never stops to provide us with a large source of inspiration, but if we want to get it properly let’s stop always looking up to the sky for a falling solution.
With that in mind, the idea I was seeking for my next vase came while I was mowing my lawn.
Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Lesser Calamint!

The right mistakes

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For those of you who think that “mistake” and “defeat” are the same thing, here’s some breaking news: stop thinking like that, or just stop reading this tale.
I strongly believe in the power of making mistakes, especially in creative processes.
A mistake always gets somewhere, and if you don’t give it a chance, well…you’re just making your next mistake.

A lemon jam story

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Summer nights, outdoor dining with friends!
Why not pampering your guests with some fresh “food design” along with delicious dishes?
In the Mediterranean area, where I live, citrus fruits are renowned, and my own garden has got plenty of big and juicy lemons. So, let’s get inspired by Nature, then!
My guests are about to arrive…