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Oh! You Pretty Leaves

Sometimes designers’ struggle for shapes should slow down.
And so should we.

Nature never stops providing us with a large source of inspiration, but if we want to use it properly we’d better stop looking up to the sky, hoping for some help to fall down.

With that in mind, the idea I was seeking for my next vase came while I was mowing my lawn.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce Miss Lesser Calamint!

A soft and fragrant variety of mint, that seems to have fallen in love with my garden!

Blooming bunches are spreading at every corner of my yard and I just can’t kill such a jewel like some garden weeds.

You’ll live, baby. So be it. And you’ll be my muse, nobody else.

Forget about those scratchy common mint leaves you can find in your mojitos: calamint petals are pure smoothness.

How can one recreate that same feeling when modelling a calamint shaped vase?

First, keep the grain.

Looking from above, you may think a calamint leaf is quite undetailed, just a curly contour after all.

Well, look closer: underneath its surface, there’s a mesh of veins and soft wrinkles. Bring them to life in your craftwork and you’ll win.

It’s like surgery, my friends. Steady hands!


It’s all about finding the right material for the right feelings.

Amid the plethora of all possible choices, you know there is one, and only one, material that suits perfectly the visual and tactile sensations you’re looking for. Initially, I wasn’t aware of this. 

Silver or chromed steel are surely nice and shining, but it’s a flowing, silky caress I wanted to feel. Like my first kiss in Murano, looking into her eyes with glass all around us.

Right, glass. Poor me…

A 2K clear glossy resin, glass-like, plus a touch of intense emerald green. What else?

Look at you, my little leaf. Could I ever be more proud of you? 🙂

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