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The right mistakes

For those of you who think that “mistake” is the same as “defeat”, here’s some breaking news: stop thinking like that or stop reading this tale.

I strongly believe in the power of making mistakes, especially during a creative process.

A mistake always gets you somewhere and if you don’t give it a chance at all, well…you’re just making your next mistake.

If you’re experienced in epoxy working, at least once in your life you mixed up A and B components in the wrong ratio.

Epoxy, you drive me crazy!

A e B components must be mixed up in the right ratio, unless you want some completely useless sticky and bubbling trash!


What if it happens? 

Sad but true, you’ve got something with apparently no future in your hands, but maybe you’ll find an expendable object to match it with and that will change everything!

I’m not kidding! 

[...inside your mind, so far...]
defeat 100%

After few days, my slow curing epoxy was still liquid in the formwork I was working on. Definitely a failure.

So, before throwing all out, I poured that goop into an old 3D printed hollow heart mold with a small blue rose on top .

As a base support, I put an acrylic clear sheet under the heart, but then I gave up, forgetting about it for a while.

After a couple of weeks, I ran into this “trash”. Out of curiosity, I pinched the resin inside the heart and, surprisingly, it was in its “gel time” stage: in other words, it was starting to harden.

“Interesting” I said, “but still useless.” So I began to remove the acrylic sheet, but, then, something happened: during removal the still soft compound started moving and sparkling as if it was unsure whether to release the sheet or hold it back.

At the very end, the outcome was stunning: an amazing Murano glass-like background for the heart, rippled and dappled, resembling a real handmade artwork by those ancient Venetian masters.

[...inside your mind, right now...]
success 75%


This little piece is now my “memento opera”: whenever I feel something in my work process, as well as in my life, is going wrong beyond repair, I take a quick look at it and recall the lesson I’ve learnt so far.

Well, from now on, no more “It’s a complete disaster!”.


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