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A new light in the North


A few months ago, my cousin and his lovely wife were about to become parents.

You know, parenthood is something really stunning!

As I’m a parent too, I can tell you for sure that, from the very first crying, you start looking at life with different and renewed eyes.

It’s a new and exciting path, where you take off your shell of certainty to dig into the unknown.

However, this is something that freaks you out as well (and daddies are usually much more frightened than mommies).

The experience is challenging and guess what: there are no user manuals to pick the right answers from (or, better, YOU are that manual).

Plus, given that my cousin and his wife are from different countries, I assumed that their different cultural backgrounds could make an already hard road even harder.

Southern and Northern Europe. The former hot, the latter cold, with lifestyles changing accordingly.

With all of that in my mind, I decided to craft a push gift that could possibly blend love, excitement, fear, North, South, whatever might be a close representation of these two lovers and their new baby coming.

Unfortunately, I came up with this idea only a month before the due date; in addition to this, I never dealt with Nordic minimalistic design in my life (other than buying some furniture from IKEA, if anything). And, finally, would delivery be quick enough? It goes without saying that a belate surprise is no more a surprise, isn’t it?

Many variables to tackle and too dark in sight, what a challenge!

I was totally unconfident about the outcome.

Nevertheless, my will of succeeding was stronger than my fear of failing, so I decided to hit the road anyway.

I took out my sketchbook and did something I usually do whenever I cannot see straight.

I started thinking of a light.

A light…

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August 17, 2019
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August 19, 2019 August 22, 2019
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August 30, 2019
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September 6, 2019
Chapter 5 - Expedite, please
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September 9, 2019
Chapter 6 - Burn, baby, burn
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I was so glad to see that my gift had arrived home (in Denmark) safe and sound.

And, mostly, just in time for my niece’s birth.

Of course, thank you my dear cousins for having “indirectly accepted” this challenge too, surely not a piece of cake but something I really cared about.  

Last but not least, a special thought for my little niece.

Sweet Amelia, whichever side of your personality, the “ice” or “fire” one, will be dominant in your life, may this little present get you the same message I had gotten while I was designing it:

“There so much power in a light you could never imagine.

Do not waste any of it, ‘cause the more power you give, the more you get!”

That’s what happens now, as you are that light for your wonderful parents in their striving parental choices. 

And that’s what will happen in the future as well, as they will be yours whenever you’re in need of an essential guide in your long and happy life.

Welcome to the world!

(...and, finally, thanks to the little one that inspired our candle, of course!)

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